Google, Do You Mind That My Head Hurts?

SEO, the necessary Internet marketing evil, known short for “search engine optimization”, has been around for a day or two. Since 1998 Google keeps relentless pushing their “success story” and controversial uncontrolled market domination.
But at what price?

People of all walks of life had experienced many benefits and many losses to their businesses. Lately, in the last years, it is more like people fight and keep losing an uphill battle against the big giant Google.

“For me, as a writer and pro-active Internet Marketer, I have this constant fight dealing with being torn apart to my art of writing meaningful high-impact text and content and the need to program and carefully code web pages in a way to “convince” Google to understand what my content is REALLY about. Because then, and only then it actually reaches my (or my clients’) audiences.”

However today I want to write about the mind-boggling development that SEO, search engine optimization, as part of essential Internet marketing activity has evolved and become sort of crazy RELIGION.

As a writer I actually after having had some major SEO break-through successes just followed by major losses of websites and clients I sort of returned to a single mantra that became “my personal religion of SEO” for a long time:

“Just add valuable content to your website and it will naturally rank high in the search engines and will bring yourself long-term fans and customers the way you wish to have them.”

If it would be only THAT simple anymore.

The SEO-Industry: We Know We Don’t Know

Nowhere else today on the Internet has developed such an Industry like the SEO-Industry where self-proclaimed experts have taken over to influence real businesses with their all-made-up expertise and sell it as the latest gold-standard of striking riches on the Internet.

Why it was so difficult in the past to differentiate the fake consultants from the real professional is easy.

Just a few years back anyone who did how to edit and code a website in HTML could use some more or less known “tricks” to increase the success of websites being shown on top of Page 1 search results.

Those “golden times” have long, long gone.

Google has introduced aggressive new algorithms over the years in order (as they say!) to remove spam and “non-relevant” content (whatever that is based on their super-secret rules and regulations).

Almost nobody knows anything anymore. Google keeps their secrets, well… secret! They publish so-called “guidelines” that are so vague in nature that if a doctor would diagnose illnesses with the same precision they would lose their approbation in a blink of an eye.

Here is the thing: in these times aggressive times for market shares, shareholder-value and the control for power and influence a full-fledged war of information technology is going on.

“Nobody in the Internet-Marketing industry has patented 100% Insiders-Know-How no matter what their websites claim. There is only one thing that shows if someone knows what they claim to know are — drum rolls please! — REAL WORLD MARKETING RESULTS. Shocking, huh?!”

When There A No Real Results Of Marketing: The Old Fake Argument Of Branding

Your Internet marketing activities — including those highly costly and time intense SEO efforts show no sales and financial rewards as expected? Oh, didn’t you know: it “did” help your company’s brand!

This is nothing a new misguided attempt to justify FAKE MARKETING that does not lead anywhere.

When I started working as a copywriter for a publishing house at the end of the 80s this was already common practice. You hired an advertising agency to buy ads in magazines and major media and media networks. Depending on your budget it was only local newspapers as there were no local TV programming back then.

When all the budget was spent and there was no increase in sales — what was the standard spiel of the agency (and, mind you, it is still like that today!) is that they play the “your advertising pretty much improved your visibility and your branding and the awareness for consumers that they know your company and products “are out there”).

It is the same explanation that Google also uses when they hijack your business specific information from your website and place it on their search engine results making it obsolete for your future potential customers to visit your website and just stay on Google itself reading what you did provide “for free”. It is a very dangerous and unethical road.

When Belief Is More Important Than Results

Back to SEO. The SEO-Industry has really turned into a Guess-SEO madhouse and a full-blown religion. People come up with conspiracy-like theories that are so bizarre and absurd that they need to be highly inventive with new “technology speak” to impress the uneducated broad masses that actually have better things to do — running their day-to-day business instead.

And so they fall for all those marketing clowns — who ever dressed up the most convincing, shows up in the most search engines, YouTube shows, TV specials, and industry-leading blogs gain the most credibility.

Mind you: Not their real results count. Not if a company earns more profits, more units of products are sold or more customers are acquired. No, it is hailing the expert and when trying to actually apply their so-called advice and it is not going to work. You know why is going to blame in the end: you — not them.

When has it become fashionable to sell no-results as results? It does not matter really if Trump now makes this unethical practice look like something that should be widely accepted as the natural way to do things. Before and after him there always be people trying to manipulate people like this. Who really wants to be one of them to be so manipulated and played?

The Proof Is In The Pudding

In the end when it comes to highly effective marketing strategies: the proof is in the pudding. Like with high-quality copywriting that will never beat cheaply outsourced third-class boring content.

My SEO madness has also found a reliable relief after all. I got lucky enough to find a group of people that I can turn now to that give me peace of mind and confidence again that “the proof really is in the pudding”.

Because they base all their marketing activities on scientifically verifiable results, not some sort of hocus-pocus SEO religion cult. They know how to do SEO and I can concentrate on my writing and coaching instead.

“When real verifiable results show up, then you know for sure you are dealing with the real experts. “

Feel free to contact me if you need reliable SEO Resources. As with all my coaching those resources are always available in the Members Only Section.