"How I Went From WordPress Fan To WordPress Hater Within 10 Years."
An article from Semmy @ semmy.com

I was a WordPress user since the very first times they came on the market - and especially as a writer I was super excited about using it as a publishing tool and blogging software.  Later as they evolved into a more versatile and flexible CMS (content management system) tool it become the #1 software I would use to create and maintain websites.

This is now a thing of the past - as over the years I experienced painfully how much of a time-and-energy-sucking monster WordPress has become.

Learn how to free yourself from it like I did and why it is so important to free your productivity and focus on yourself and your business instead.

In my coaching program "Shock Your System" I am advocating that you need to remove yourself from any many systems as possible. Systems, that take up your time forcing you to be involved with "maintaining them" instead of systems that support you getting your work done.

WordPress was an interesting and promising system for me many years - especially me being a high-quality content writer and blogger, but that is not longer true. In this article I explain to you why you should leave using WordPress yourself and how it could save you a lot of money and time that is wasted otherwise.

What WordPress Promises & Stands For

The promises are famous - a fast way to install a website within minutes with a free open-source software. Flexibility on how to apply web design to your website content. In theory you can just edit and add content and apply so called Themes that then shape and format your content into a beautiful website layout. What is more promising is that you can use Plug-Ins to turn your website into anything you want. There are literally thousands of companies out there that offer you website functionalities for any kind of business online.

Specific promising WordPress selling points:

  • Create Your Website within mintues
  • Apply flexible WordPress-Themes to format and present your great website layout (free ones and paid ones)
  • Add website functionality with WordPress-Plugins (free ones, or paid ones)

Warning: WordPress is very addictive - since there are lot of "free" WordPress-Themes and WordPress-Plugins to create rather impressive looking websites you are most like to start browsing and educating yourself about the - really seemingly endless - possibilities.

What WordPress Has Become

What WordPress will not tell you is something that is not always so obvious when you start using it innocently expecting it to liberate yourself not needing to focus on website programming and website management yourself.

Instead you will end up being tied up constantly managing and protecting your website against Internet dangers like hackers and website performance problems instead.

  • WordPress releases updates that are needed to installed and applied weekly in order to be sure that your website stays secure and can't be hacked.
  • WordPress plugins compete and conflict with each other - while the concept of being able to have a "flexible" website functionality it is in day-to-day practice a major headache and can quickly turn into a nightmare. Like WordPress itself needs to be constantly updated, all the Plugins needed to be updated, too. Most of the companies do a horrible job in updating those plugins. Especially if you use FREE plugins. If you look at the public WordPress Plugin-Directory you will be surprised how many of the Plugins have not been updated for months and even years.

Even if you think you can outsource dealing with WordPress to external programmers or WordPress-Experts (whatever that means - be aware that many online claim to be experts for WordPress and all they know is to combine Themes and Plugins - you can find such experts especially an sites like ThemeForrest) - if you are not aware how much time and energy WordPress can cause you will up ending paying good money for "maintaining and programming" your WordPress site that would be better spend somewhere else (like: paid advertising to drive traffic to your site(s) instead!)

Why WordPress Is A Time-And-Energy-Sucking Monster

These are the things you need to do (or let someone else to do) if you consider using WordPress as your software to run your website:

  • Monitor your site daily for updates of - the WordPress software itself, the WordPress-Theme you have installed and all WordPress-Plugins you have installed.
  • Check if WordPress-Plugins conflict with each other after you have upgraded them. Sometimes they work and after a new release of WordPress itself they stop working.
  • Monitor if your website is still visible and working and nothing has broken it after you did all those updates.
  • Researching, buying and replacing WordPress-Plugins

WordPress can be very addictive as I already stated above. Personally I really enjoyed "playing around" with tools and toys to the point where I was not able to get my daily necessary work load done, because I got so involved and borderline "obsessed" how great WordPress is. In the end what saved my sanity was saying Good-Bye to WordPress completely.

What I Consider To Be The Only Serious Alternative To WordPress

I am actually using it on this very site here at semmynar.com and it is called GHOST.
For me it the perfect open-source solution, driven by a non-profit organization that stands for freedom of speech and runs a socially responsible sustainable business that is empowering human beings worldwide that they do not have to be afraid to sharing their opinions openly.

Here is why GHOST is the remedy for your online content:

  • Focus on creating and publishing content instead of "maintaining" software
  • No plugins, no fighting with "updates": Security Features and Software Updates are constantly done in the background for you
  • Win The Search Engine War: Have built-in marketing tools to being able to compete with "big players" on search engines - easy social and SEO (search engine optimization) tools that help that your content can be found online, no matter how big or small your company is.
  • Simple Layout changes instantly available: edit and change all important site elements within minutes without the need to hire a programmer.
  • Advanced Layout changes are still very simple: doing site-wide changes with amazingly stunning website templates can be done with simple HTML styled editing and rest assured: there is an amazing marketplace to buy pre-made layouts and hiring someone to do the changes for you can be done very easily and cost effectively as no special coding knowledge is required.

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