It is all about you taking control. The discussions about Internet privacy are real and have a direct impact on your business - why you seek for yourself privacy of your data it might be a challenging thing how to collect necessary and valuable insights of website visitors coming to your website. Yes, you can quit using Google Analytics for good. There is a 100% privacy conform alternative that is available right now. It is time that YOU own the data of your customers, not Google.

The Necessity Of Gathering Insights About Your Website Visitors

It comes to no surprise that if you are running a business and have a website that you want to know as much as possible where potential customers show up from, what they do on your website like what they are most interested in and what makes people click before they are ready to buy your products or services. There should be no guesswork when it comes to Internet Marketing and tracking is one of the most important things you need to do.

The Necessity Of Getting Rid Of Google Analytics

Most people resort to using Google Analytics because it is the most well-known advertising software - and most people and businesses use it because it is a "no brainer" quick solution on gathering intelligence about your website traffic.

However: it comes at a great price - you giving up the control of owning the data that you are collecting... to Google! Is that what you really want. Making your valuable data for sale? Google will use everything they can get their hands on and resell it to other companies for big money.

What is even worse: Google Keeps Part Of Your Data For Themselves. Only if you pay their premium services you will gain full control on all of your data. Known as "Data Sampling".

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It is time to take back control. #deletegoogleanalytics and use this instead:

There Is A Great Alternative Protecting Your Customers And Yourself - While Owning The Data Yourself

It is called Matomo - and we run it on this site ourselves.

  • User-Privacy Protection & GDPR privacy law compliant
  • You own the data yourself
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Use it 100% Free If Self-Hosted
  • Use Their Affordable Cloud-Hosted Service
  • 14 Day Trial Available

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